Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding by JamesHardie will protect your home from all the elements while offering a wide array of colors to give you the home of your dreams. It is a wise investment to use JamesHardie Fiber Cement Boards because of the value it adds to your home. Many insurances companies relate homes with fiber cement boards to be as durable as brick, and some offer savings on your premium for installing fiber cement. JamesHardie offers a 30 year warranty on all their products.

Fiber Cement is the ultimate upgrade to protecting your home. JamesHardie’s patented boards are fire and insect resistance. Durability is no question as it can withstand 150+ mph winds and has an eco-friendly manufacturing process. JamesHardie Fiber Cement Boards are more expensive than vinyl, aluminum or wood, but is more sustainable and durable than those offerings.


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